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2004-12-03 - 7:45 p.m.

Holy crap.. I have 15 minutes I have 15 minutes.. lets get it all out
I am tired. Tired. Tired.
I am getting reqally good grades. i know WAY more about science now than the average bear... horray for me.. no one fucking cares.
Angela.. quit hanging around Joe for the 20th time.. I mostly came on here to read your diary and to update you.
I miss my friends. School is almost over 2-3 more weeks.
My house is messy... my desk i smessy. But I am getting A's. Rock on
I even missed out on seeing Ani Difranco tonight so that I can go relax for a change.
My grandmpa passed away...
I have been seeing ghosts since then.. only two of them.
I spend time with my Grandma when I have free time.
My Ecology and Envc teacher is awesome. His name is Dr. Picone.
We go for walks in the woods.. and he takes us on field trips and he has all this vast knowledge. He is awesome.
Jen never returns my calls or emails. i dontk now why.
I cant believe its the holdays. I have no money to get anyone anything. i think I am going to make peppermint snowmen.
I am still skinny as shit and probably will be for the next 3 years.. until I finish school
I want to have a daughter after I graduate.. I will name her Evergreen Tree Lavoie.
I have some cool friends in school... mostly Martina, and this girl Tania.. Tania is crazy. She is wicked loud and weird.
I work when I am not in school and it makes me crazy. I hate taveling to Worcester. My car is a mess.
We got a new couch and the living room looks really nice.
Zack and I are doing well. He always cooks for me so I dont have to. I think he is making eggplant parmasean tonight.
Josi's birthday was last week and I forgot about it and skipped out on her party . I guess she was mad cause she was drunk and dramatic but .. I am so tired... dued I slept for 6 hours yesterday and then I slept allll night too and didnt want to get up. I fucking think from like 7 in the morning until midnight.. and I am stressed because I want to do so well. I really wish I didnt have to work.
Oh well... I am happy. I am really happy.
Today my teacher was talking about all these crazy things in Environmental Science.. about how we as humans are using more resources than the planet has.. and he was talking about the figures and all of that. I felt like I was floating.. but not in a bad way.. it was in a HEY I am on the right track! I felt that I was really doing what I need to be doing. For the first time in my life I truly feel like I am not missing anything! and that is such a weird feeling.
The only thing I am missing honestly are some of my old friends. I really miss my cousins and my friend Robin and Heather from Elementary school and I really miss Andy. I am saying this because.. I just dont care to fucking keep it shackled anymore.. I dont miss him like.. "boyfriend" miss him. I miss him because he was the best friend I have ever had. I know that we cant be friends anymore and I think that sucks. It sucks hard. I think he is the only person that would care about this shit I am learning as much as I do. I am kind of mad at him for not going to college and doing this..then I think.. was it only his thing then because it was my thing? I dont know. I really just would like to go get a coffe with him or go for a walk in the cold and play haki. Well Have to go home to my honey!! NIGHTY


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